Humanly Made.

I told you our love was rare. The only thing that no one could compare. When you asked me what I would do for you, My heart was prepared to share. I replied, I would throw you my smile when it felt like your world was splitting in two. I would share my mind, the … More Humanly Made.

Another Moon.

Holding my head, I’m tired. That’s new. They say “better days are coming”, I’m hoping that’s true. Will all that is between us, the ocean and the sky so blue, there is nothing stopping me, except my power to break through. In pain, my heart feels not to be able to touch you too. Be … More Another Moon.

A Million Miles Away

Sending love to those who are waiting. Sending love to those who care. Sending love to those who act happy but are too afraid to show they’re scared. Sending love to all the leaders, shining a light through the air. Sending love to the anxious and those who are treated unfair. Sending love to the … More A Million Miles Away

Branch Out

When my branches begin to fall, Do not sit there so small. When my leaves begin to die, Please, do not sit and cry. When it is Spring, You will see that the sun has given back my wings. I cannot ever die if your love is watered over me every time. Flowers and buds … More Branch Out