You sit at home by the window, I wish I could make you your favourite cup of tea. You wonder how much I missed you today, I just smile so very happily. You think about me often, as often as you can cope. In reality, I’m not too far away from where our love first … More Happiness

Underwater jar

Can you see that I’m still broken? Can you see I won’t let go? Can you help me when I need it? Take me back to what I know. Don’t ever leave me this way forward. I don’t trust you, that you know. I really hate how things were left, I’m really glad I’ve got … More Underwater jar

Three Little Words

It’s hard to tell when you’re listening. Sometimes I can get it wrong. It’s not always easy when you’re the only one left to guess what’s wrong. You’re a hard book to read and a difficult sweet to unravel. Although, spending so much time with you has made me feel as though I’ve travelled. It’s … More Three Little Words

Unspoken note

You are the reason my world still spins today. You are responsible for many beautiful happenings in my life. You are the reason my life is double. You are there to save me from trouble. You are the reason I see the world in a different light. You are the only one who brings colour … More Unspoken note