Think of this as a note. Something to hold onto when fear begins its growth. Think of us as special, Something worth holding onto, Rather like the last petal. Think of me as happy, Now the day is due. This experience, so unique And the best type of brand new. Our bridges did cross, Though … More Bridges

Little Light

This single flower is trapped in the rain, praying for sunshine and only receiving pain. This special heart has a lock for its memories, a key that is lost and heartache which feels like for centuries. This little light is finding it hard to search for the happiness it once knew from afar. Dark though … More Little Light

Never Been Missing

I’ve got your eyes, I’ve got your laugh. You’ve given me your smile, the touch of your heart. You’re following me on my path. You’ve taught me once, you’ve taught me twice. Your talents share the same home within me for the rest of my life. You’re always behind me, your shadow, there to guide … More Never Been Missing

Shadow In The Past

I’ve watched you grow from your experiences. There was rain as well as sun to make you tall. I’ve felt your scars; I’ve imagined your set-backs. There’s no other way you would have achieved what has become yours. Gentle words from a gentle soul, eyes of wisdom with a heart made of gold. A gentle … More Shadow In The Past